Waiting for the Hurricane

Waiting for the Hurricane - poems by Janis Harrington

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Waiting for the Hurricane: Poems

Winner, 2016-2017 Lena M. Shull Book Award from the North Carolina Poetry Society

St. Andrews University Press (April 22, 2017)

Waiting for the Hurricane is a prize-winning collection of narrative poems about three generations of a family and the dark secrets it keeps. With honesty and compassion, this verse memoir explores violence, silence, and miraculous survival.

Waiting for the Hurricane is the work of a poet whose powerful voice and storytelling gifts explore deeply dark family secrets, so dark, they make the reader shudder with outrage and pain. These honest poems, the kind that remain with you, are about family in all of its complexities, its love-hate world of birthing, of wake keepings and funerals, its deep secrets and unforgivable sins. This book is urgently necessary.
  —Patricia Jabbeh Wesley, author of When the Wanderers Come Home